Tuesday, September 13, 2005

...There were louder rumblings of agreement, and another man stood up and told the story of how his horse and cart had fallen down the side of a steep hill and his horse was injured.

"Now I have no way to make money. We must do something about this gravity!"

This was too much for the assembled villagers; now someone had lost his economic livelihood because of gravity. Something had to be done - but what?

After some furtive glances were exchanged between the village elders, the lead elder then stood up and said, "Obviously this gravity is wreaking havoc in our village and is causing widespread destruction. No one is safe when gravity is allowed to do whatever it wants among us. I have an idea: We will ban gravity from our village. Let’s put a petition together and begin right away!"

You can probably see where I am going with this. The complaining citizens are the select gaggle of global media pundits and talking-heads, while the part of "gravity" is being played by China. Now I am not complaining about the complainers here - standing up and voicing one's opinion about such an important topic is good.

But I want to ask a simple question: How helpful is such ranting? To the small- to mid-sized U.S. or European manufacturer who is facing increasing competition in its domestic markets, only to find cheaper product coming from China, how is complaining about China helping them?

And is it fair to equate educated, respected journalists with illogical villagers protesting gravity? Lest you think I am over-exaggerating, let me direct you to one of the leaders in this media Gang of the Sore, a well-known journalist on the world’s largest 24-hour cable television news channel, who, to avoid the unwanted attention from libel-loving lawyers, I will simply call "Mr. X."


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