Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Real-world case study in China strategy:

Steve Ganster and Kent Kedl, authors of the business strategy book “The China Ready Company,” have posted an audio recording of a chapter of their book online, as a special installment of their China Business Podcast series. The chapter discusses a real-world case study of ABC Company’s planning for China. ABC Company is an anonymous representation of an actual client of Technomic Asia, the strategy consulting firm headed by Ganster and Kedl.

“The China Ready Company” book helps business leaders analyze their strategic and organizational preparedness to do business in or with China. The case study featured in the podcast looks closely at ABC Company’s experience with the China Readiness Assessment, a tool Technomic Asia has developed to help guide strategy development for its clients and that also provides the foundation for the book.

“The China Readiness Assessment is a way to scratch the surface and evaluate whether a company is ready to make the move to China,” said Ganster, Technomic Asia’s managing director. “We explore a company’s strengths and weaknesses, and then dig deeper into the next steps that company should take with regard to a China strategy.”

Relevant charts and images from “The China Ready Company” are posted along with the audio file at The China Business Podcast series can be found at Visitors can download each podcast individually or subscribe to automatically receive each new podcast as they are posted. More information about the book and the China Readiness Assessment is at


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